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Cinderella meets Tinder in this new musical about finding the one... and the one after that.

"Tinderella puts a wildly entertaining spin on an age-old classic, thrusting our beloved Disney princess into the harsh realities of 21st-century online dating.” (Aisle Seat Review)

"Tinderella concerns itself repeatedly with the theme of 'more or less,' deftly using the backdrop of a literal fairytale to firmly delineate the messy areas in life, the things that are neither happy nor an ending and that are certainly not appropriate for starry-eyed children to hear before bed." (Somewhere SF)

"A modern fairy tale with no happy ending guaranteed but a lot of sex and excitement getting there.... hip sounds, sexy silliness, and a relevant subject matter that should attract an audience atypical in the usual San Francisco theatre scene – those under 35." (Theatre Eddy's)

about the show:

With book by Rose Oser, lyrics by Weston Scott, and music by Christian B. Schmidt, Tinderella came to life in small theaters in San Francisco, inspired by tech culture, overpriced rent, and the writers’ personal failures with online dating. The original cast album available on Spotify and Bandcamp  features the talent of the 2018 world premiere co-production with Custom Made Theatre Company and FaultLine Theater in San Francisco, with standout vocal performances from Juliana Lustenader (the princess) and Branden Noel Thomas (her fairy-god-roommate). The energetic pop-rock beats and the witty, often-loquacious lyrics confront a culture of scoring likes and getting laid, with hits like “You’re Gonna F*ckin' Rock It” and the infamous “Dick Pics.”

development and production history:

March 2022 (originally scheduled for 2020)
Portland premiere at Portland’5 Brunish Theatre, four-week run. Directed by Pat Nims. 
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May 2020
Development through Apples & Oranges Theatre Accelerator. 

April 2018
Two-act World Premiere at Custom Made Theatre, five-week run. Co-produced by FaultLine Theater. Directed by Ken Savage. Music direction and orchestration by Joel Chapman and Matt Grandy.

July 2017
Developmental Reading at Custom Made Theatre.

January 2016
One-act premiere at PianoFight, six-week run. Produced by FaultLine Theater. Theatre Bay Area (TBA) Finalist- Outstanding World Premiere Musical.

August 2015
Workshop at PianoFight. Produced by FaultLine Theater.


Full script and score available for licensing. Contact us at anagramrose@gmail.com for info.